24x7 Car Rental
Passport & Visa
Tours and Travels
Local & Regional Sightseeing
Event Planner/Organiser
Audiovisual Productions
Painting & Advertising
Real Estate Buyer & Seller
Construction & Renovation
Supply Management
Water and Sanitation
Web Hosting & Development

M/s Logistix an independent firm providing professional logistics services in all aspects with an international standard. We offer a wide range of high-value services and consultations to our clients with the strategic tools needed to excel in India and North East business arena.

M/s Logistix is one-stop avenue with a broad expertise in logistics services and sourcing in transport, car rental, passport & visa, tour & travels, , local & regional sightseeing, event planner & event organizer, audiovisual productions, painting & advertising, real estate buyer & seller, constructions & renovations, supply management, water sanitation hygiene projects and web hosting & development etc.

M/s Logistix focuses on serving Individuals, Firms, NGOs, Institutes, Embassy, Star Hotels and Govt. Departments for state as well as national. We have good numbers of professionals, expert consultants and network resources to meet our service at the best and satisfactory to our clients.

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